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About Kent Homeo

Our quality policy is to manufacture and supply of quality drugs and Pharmaceuticals following the statutory and regulatory requirements and standard pharmacopoeia to obtain customer satisfaction. This shall be maintained through continual improvement of our products, process system, and effective supplier management system and dedicated improvement of entire workforce and which is followed by adapting a continue Value Analysis System followed by Value Engineering.
The State licencesing authority has granted permission to manufacture oral liquid doses form(Mother Tincture,Potencies,Oral Liquid Combinations), Ointment and Lotions as External preparation for External use under manufacturing license number DLNO. – HL735 M.


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Why You Choose Us

This is a PARTNERSHIP Firm , managed by Partners.The company has open market sale covering West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, & North – East States.

  • Revolutionizing Homoeopathy
  • Rich Values and Ethics
  • Quality Products
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Terms Of Business

  • Nationalised Banks
    We strictly recomended Nationalised Banks for any business transaction.
  • Products buy procedure
    Our respected customers are requested to remit 40% of not value the order approximately as advance which is subject to adjustment in the bill.
  • Exchange Of Goods
    We do not comply with any request for exchange of goods or refund of the prices theoref in cash or kind.
  • Language Preferable
    Customer are requested to write the order preferably in English.
  • Dispute Product
    Any dispute, whatever it shall be settled in Kolkata.
  • Goods Sent Procedure
    Goods are sent as per customers instruction by Roadways, Steamer and Post Parcel. Customers are requested to mention the name of Post Office & Dist. Road or steamer station while placing orders. We are not responsiable for any breakage, leakage, damage and loss in transit. Our responsibility ceases just after dispatch.
  • Trade Discount
    Over and above trade discount F.O.R is allowed to destination on our product wroths above Rs 5000/-.
  • Refused Parcel
    Advance for refused parcels are liable to be forteited. Full postal charges are payable in advance before and refused parcel is re-sent.
  • Rate Alteration
    Price are subject to alteration without any prior notification. The artes will be charges at the preailing rates on the date of dispatch.